FEU: Crazy Horse Paris



导演:Bruno Hullin 


大陆剧《FEU: Crazy Horse Paris》是一部Bruno Hullin导演在 法国剧。After having received a number of “Guest Creatures” on its mythical stage such as Dita Von Teese, it is Christian Louboutin’s turn to take over Le Crazy Horse. The famous creator of the red sole revisits the Crazy show.
The 3D effects added during post production like sequins, water, flames and smoke reinforce the immersion. “We draw the eye as close to the body, the muscles, the emotions and the sensuality as possible” says director Bruno Hullin, 3D expert.
繼與多位國際級名師,其中包括Dita Von Teese合作後,著名巴黎癲馬舞蹈團繼續推陳出新,這次請來法國名鞋品牌設計大師「紅底鞋王」Christian Louboutin 擔任客席總監。
而後期製作,以3D效果加入的閃閃發光、水、火焰和煙霧讓演出增添了受煙火洗禮的感覺。本片的導演般奴于蘭表示:「我們盡可能將觀眾的目光引向軀體、肌肉、情感和性感的動作。」。欢迎在线观看  法国剧《FEU: Crazy Horse Paris》,乐乐影院第一时间为你提供《FEU: Crazy Horse Paris》,如果你喜欢《FEU: Crazy Horse Paris》请把它分享给的朋友,有您们的支持我们会做的更好。祝你观片愉快!


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